Best Hollywood story of 2018

Year2018 is almost over so it is time for recap of things. We can say that this year was really exciting for many people. Some will remember it for good things, others for not so good things, but once again – celebrity world was active and filled the online pages with all kinds of things. Probably the bestHollywood story of 2018 was the unexpected relationship and subsequent breakup between famous pop-singer Ariana Grande and ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast memberPete Davidson.

How It All Started and Ended

            Ariana Grande was constantly present in the media in 2018, both with her singing performances and with her private life. She used to date the late rapper Mac Miller up until May 2018 when they broke up. Soon after that, a rumor has spread that she has been casually dating SNL cast member Pete Davidson. It all started with a friendly relationship and going on walks then quickly continued with something more serious. Both Grande and Davidson looked very happy every time they were spotted by the journalists and fans.

            Their relationship quickly became one of the hottest stories of 2018. Pete Davidson proved his love by getting two tribute tattoos for his girlfriend just a couple of weeks into their relationship. One tattoo was the initials of Ariana Grande and another was the black bunny mask that Ariana Grande wore on the cover of her popular album – ‘Dangerous Woman’, tattooed on his neck.

            Things moved really fast between the 24-year-old SNL star Davidson and 25-year-old singer Grande and they announced their engagement in June. After the couple engaged, they moved in into a fantastic apartment worth $16 million in the luxurious neighborhood Chelsea on New York`s Manhattan. The apartment was bought by Grande and the couple looked happiest they have ever been. They even adopted a beautiful piglet called Piggy Smalls, which both loved.

            However, just as it started unexpectedly, the same way their relationship ended. Suddenly rumors started to spread that their relationship is shaky, and soon after Ariana Grande`s team confirmed in mid-September that the couple have broken up and that the engagement is off. Ariana Grande has stated a few times that she wanted to spend time on her own and focus on music career, so that was the end of the relationship. The broken romance was hard to take for Pete Davidson, as he mentioned a few times that he feels sad and depressed after the breakup. He did return in Saturday Night Live sketches, but it seems like he is still recovering from the broken heart.

            Only Grande and Davidson know the real truth about what happened between them and where did it go wrong, but there is no doubt that their relationship and breakup left big impression this year. Unfortunately their beautiful romantic story did not last long, but that is the life of celebrities. Someone new will enter their lives soon enough and we are hoping that 2019 will be even more interesting with stories than this year.