Our Favorite Celebrity Couple of 2018

There is no doubt that celebrity couples have always fascinated people. They always look perfect in the eyes of regular people who always dream to live the life that their favorite celebrities are living. There are many celebrity couples that worth to be mentioned and there always will be new couples that leave mark in the passing year. However, this year 2018 was marked by our favorite celebrity couple – Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle.

Big Wedding Day

            All eyes this year were pointed at the wedding in England which happened on May 19th. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle promised to eternally love each other in the beautiful St. George`s Chapel in the Windsor Castle. After they got married, they have become known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The day of their marriage brought millions on viewers and spectators from all over the world. Markle was wearing beautiful white dress made by the famous British designer Clare Keller, who is a director of the French fashion store Givenchy. Harry was wearing a very attractive outfit appropriate for royal members. Prince Charles was the one that escorted Meghan down the aisle at the wedding and all famous celebrities were in the attendance – David and Victoria Beckham, Tom Hardy, Oprah Winfrey, George and Amal Clooney, Idris Elba and many more movie stars, music stars and sports stars.

            Before getting married there was a lot of drama involved with Meghan Markle`s father who was filling the pages of tabloids, but that did not ruin the wedding nor the romance between Harry and Meghan. The paparazzi photo scandal was a little damaging to the reputation of Markle, but it was handled well and everything calmed down without too much fuss.

What Is Next

            The next big exciting thing that our favorite celebrity couple of 2018 announced is the baby on the way! Megan is pregnant and the happy news was announced in October. So sometime in spring of 2019 we will see the new royal baby that will surely take the main stage in the celebrity world. It will also become the seventh child in line for the royal throne after getting born. In the meantime, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry continue with their regular activities and they are often spotted and many different social events, gatherings and popular places around the world.

            This celebrity couple is non-stop present in the media, quickly becoming favorites to many people in the world. One of the most search terms in online search engines for 2018 was ‘Meghan Markle’ which clearly proves how popular she and her husband are. We love good stories with happy endings and we will closely look what 2019 will bring for our favorite celebrity couple. There are many exciting things coming up, so stay tuned and up to date with the latest news. At the end we can say that we really wish Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a happy and prosperous next year, filled with great things.