Rising Stars to See for 2019

Plenty of young new stars emerged this year that are expected to leave big mark in2019. The following are some stars that caught our attention and all of the mare predicted to have bright future and rise to fame in 2019.

  • Kiki Layne is a 26-year old Chicago native that recently moved to Los Angeles and was a star of the movie called If Beale Street Could Talk, directed by Oscar-winning director of Moonlight – Barry Jenkins. Layne was exceptional in that movie and received praise for her role after the movie was premiered at Toronto Film Festival back in September 2018. There is a lot of buzz around this actress and she is expected to have some big roles in 2019. She is set to star in new movie called Native Son next year, alongside with famous actor John Goodman.
  • Emerald Fennell is a British actress that is set to play Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles` lover in the series The Crown. This is her first big role, but well deserved with her acting skills. Interestingly, she has connections with the royal British family by attending the same college as the princess Kate Middleton.
  • Game of Thrones lovers can rest assured because their favorite series will have several prequels in the work. One of them is called The Long Night, where the main Poldark actor Josh Whitehouse is set for the main role. This young actor was great in Poldark where he left big mark with his acting skills.
  • Thomasin McKenzie is an actress often compared to Jennifer Lawrence because of many similarities between them. She is New Zealand native and so far she has performed in the independent movie called Leave No Trace, where she was outstanding in the role of daughter of army veteran. That movie got good reviews and Cannes Film Festival and the actress is expected to rise to her potential next year. She was casted to play in the new prequel of Top Gun that is in the works for 2019. There are few other roles set for her, so McKenzie is expected to shine in the film world next year.
  • Lucas Hedges is a young actor with some pretty good acting experience. He was even nominated for Oscar for his role in the movie Manchester By The Sea, directed by Casey Affleck. He was also impressive in the roles played in Lady Bird and Oscar-winning movie Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Many are predicting that Hedges will receive another nomination for Oscar if he continues with his brilliant acting performances next year. An upcoming project in which he will be involved in is the movie called Honey Boy, an autographical movie about boy`s relationship with his father.

These are some of the several exciting young actors that are set to leave mark in the film world for 2019. We will pay close attention to their upcoming movie projects, but we are sure that all of them will be very successful.